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EV Powertrain

Preferred Skills: MATLAB Simulink, FEA, CAD/CAM, ANSYS Maxwell,
Preferred experience: Powertrain Design Engineer, Powertrain Integration Engineer, Powertrain Testing Engineer, Powertrain Analysis and Optimization

Battery Management System

Preferred Skills: CANalyzer / CANape, C and C++, Python/Perl/Shell, FPGA or HDL, Modeling Embedded Designs, Electrical & Electronic Hardware, Advanced MATLAB, Embedded controller , Design Simulation, Embedded Systems Integration,Safety Standards like IS26262, High Voltage Isolation and Safety, CAN 2.0
Preferred experice: BMS Design/Embedded Engineer; BMS Itegration Engineer, PCB Design Engineer, BMS System Engineer; BMS Hardware Evalivation Engineer; BMS Software Evaluation Engineer; Automtive Embedded Engineer; BMS Algorithm Development Engineer; BMS Software Engineer

Battery Technology

Preferred Skills: Battery Pack Designa and Development, Thermal Management System, HV/LV Design and Integration, LIB Pack Testing and Simulation - MATLAB- Simulink, FEA, CATIA V5/V6, Python, C/C++, Data Analysis, ISO 26262, Vector CANoe/CANape, Instruments, Fatigue analysis tools, VOC, FMEA, 5-Why, 8-D Analysis, Tracetronic ECU-Test, CAN 2.0
Preferred Experice: Battery Design Engineer; Cell and Battery Test Engineer; HV/LV Design Engineer; HV/LV Integration Engineer; Power Distribution Engineer; PCB Design Engineer, BMS Design Engineer; Embedded Engineer

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