Lithium Battery Technology and Assembly Process (LIBA)
A crash course program on Lithium Battery technology safety and assembly process for professionals, consultants and entrepreneurs.
Level : 1 8 Days Domain : Battery
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Key Highlights
  • 2000 + professionals got benefited and 50+ started business in Battery Assembly
  • Exclusive session BMS, Assembly Process and Safety Requirements
  • 2000 + professionals got benefited and 50+ started business in Battery Assembly
  • Exclusive session BMS, Assembly Process and Safety Requirements
  • WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? This domain-specific course LIBA is most recommended to Energy Consultants, Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers/Suppliers/Distributors, Solar Professionals, Business Investors, Startups in the Battery business and those whosoever what to build knowledge capability in the domain of Lithium Battery and its Assembly Process.
  • MINIMUM ELGIBILITY This program is open to all who want to learn about Lithium Battey and its Assembly Process and start their business, consulting and project.
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Lithium Battery Fundamentals In this module take a look at the basics of lithium-ion cells, their form, chemistry and types. Also, understand the basic components of the cell.
  • Fundamentals of Battery
  • Basics of Lithium Battery
  • Terminologies of Li-ion battery
  • Advantages of Lithium battery
  • Understanding the Electrochemistry
  • Cathode & Anode material
  • Types of Lithium-ion-cells available
  • Nomenclature & Cell construction
  • Overview on manufacturing process
Lithium-ion Battery Characteristics and Charging In this module, you will understand the charge and discharge characteristics of the lithium-ion cell. The characteristics graph of the Lithium-ion cells.
  • Charging Characteristics, Charging Efficiency
  • Discharge Characteristics
  • Internal Resistance (IR)
  • Self-Discharge & Storage
  • Cycle Life & Factors Affecting Cycle Life
  • Effect of Temperature on – Voltage, capacity, IR, Self-discharge life
  • State of Health (SOH)
  • Safety Hazards & Reliability
Li-ion Battery Safety and BMS In this module understand the basics of BMS, the topologies available and which one to choose as per the requirement. Also, how BMS functions to ensure the safety of the cells in the battery pack.
  • Overview on BMS
  • Function of BMS
  • Overview on BMS Communication
  • BMS Topology
  • Design Procedure
  • Types of Cell
  • Connection of cells in Series & Parallel
  • Number of cell in series
  • Capacity Calculation
  • Cells or modules in parallel
  • BMS Selection
  • Thermal Management
  • Battery Assembly & Pack Design
Lithium-ion Battery Pack Assembly Process In this final module, we will take you through the process of the battery pack assembly. You will learn about cell manufacturing, cell sorting, battery pack design, BMS Selection, and the final assembly process and testing.
  • Pack Assembly Process
  • Cell Testing & Sorting
  • Cell Testing & Sorting
  • Lithium Battery Assembly
Next Generation Battery Technology and Players In this module, you will learn about other advanced battery chemistries and next-generation battery technology along with key manufacturers, different battery chargers needed.
  • Advanced Technologies in Li-ion Batteries
  • Next Generation Battery Technology
  • Hybrid Battery System
  • Advance Li-ion Batteries
  • Comparison of Battery System
  • Li-ion Battery Manufacturer
  • Battery Chargers
  • Understanding of different cell chemistries and cell, pack, and system-level components.
  • How to select, design and a test Lithium-Ion battery for specific energy storage requirements.
  • Understanding of Battery pack - material used and cell stacking.
  • Understanding of working and architecture of BMS and cell balancing.
  • Understanding of Battery safety testing, safety standards, distributed and centralized BMS.
  • Understanding of Battery Pack Assembly and the selection of machines.
  • Knowhow on Next-generation battery technologies and key manufacturers.
  • Know-how on advanced Li-battery and Hybrid battery technology.
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Lithium Battery Technology and Assembly Process (LIBA)
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