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Introduction to Electric Vehicle >
1 week
INTRODUCTION  For the last 2 years, there is a wave of electric vehicles going on in the market. Everyone is interested to know more and more about...
6 Lectures
1 week
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EV Powertrain >
2 weeks
₹8,000 ₹3,999
For the last century, our world has run majorly on internal combustion engines. The enormous consumption of resources has led to a decrease in glob...
53 Lectures
2 weeks
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₹8,000 ₹3,999
BMS Architecture, Components and Its Applications in EV
BMS & Thermal Management >
2 weeks
₹8,000 ₹3,999
Now that the world is moving towards electric vehicles and people have started accepting the products. The improvisation in battery technology has ...
19 Lectures
2 weeks
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₹8,000 ₹3,999
EV Powertrain >
2 weeks
₹10,000 ₹5,000
The automobile industry is growing rapidly and shifting towards Electric Vehicle. There is an immense need for skilled engineers in order to speed ...
11 Lectures
2 weeks
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₹10,000 ₹5,000

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Our PLA™ collaborative learning approach offers an eco-system to you to share your ideas, thoughts, support, and do the group learning with your peers.

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Autobot Academy Blog

Scope for Engineers in Electric Vehicle Technology

It’s the innate desire of every engineering student to progress their career into advanced studies and choose a field which not only promises a bright future financially but also adds that element of innovation and creativity. When it comes to engineering fields, one of the first options that might come to mind is renewable energy.Read more “Scope for Engineers in Electric Vehicle Technology”

2021 Transformation Year for the Automobile Industry

2021 Transformation Year for the Automobile Industry. With Robot Process Automation and Human Intervention Technologies, the automobile industry have already started toward Digital transformation. In 2021, the automobile industry will come with big disruptions. Check out the trending technologies that are transforming and will be disrupting the Electric Vehicle industry this year. Autonomous vehicles TheRead more “2021 Transformation Year for the Automobile Industry”

Statewise EV Policies In India, EV Policies, NEMMP,FAME,faster adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles
Statewise EV Policies In India

We have entered in 2021. Finance Minister of India Hon’ble Nirmala Sitharaman has already declared Union budget for 2021 but nothing have declared about EV industry. Let’s have a recap on statewide EV policies in India to have glance what we still have to achieve India has shown remarkable transformation in the EV industry andRead more “Statewise EV Policies In India”

MG Motor partners ASDC, Autobot India To Provide Skilled Manpower To The Automobile Industry

MG Motor has partnered with Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) and Autobot India to launch Dakshata, a training program specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and electric vehicles, aimed at creating skilled manpower for the automobile industry. The partnership, which is a part of MG’s vision of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) mobility which itRead more “MG Motor partners ASDC, Autobot India To Provide Skilled Manpower To The Automobile Industry”

Skills to build your career in mobility

The Automobile industry has been witnessing rapid changes and growth simultaneously. Where on one side the government hopes to make India a 100% EV compliant nation by the year 2030, a question that leaves a lot of engineering students or engineers per se at a complete loss is – Does the current education system andRead more “SKILLS TO BUILD YOUR FUTURE IN MOBILITY ENGINEERING”

Electric Vehicle Training Courses in India – A Beginner’s Guide

Electric Vehicle Training Courses – Global automotive industry has always trusted the skilled labour and technical workforce since the first Industrial Revolution. With the onset of the Electric Vehicle Revolution in the last decade, the situation has changed very little. Every country including major electrical automotive manufacturing giants like the UK and EU still employRead more “Electric Vehicle Training Courses in India – A Beginner’s Guide”

Outcomes of the Employability Improvement Program

It has been previously discussed in one of our blog pieces as to why a mere degree does not guarantee a job and how upskilling is your way to securing your dream job in the sector of EV.  In this blog, you will get to know the outcomes of pursuing the Autobot India’s Employability ImprovementRead more “Outcomes of the Employability Improvement Program”

Upskilling Is The Way To Enhance Your Employability
For a very long time, people in our country have had the notion that a “good degree” leads to a “good job”. Unfortunately, neither much attention has been paid nor much stress has been laid on the importance of acquiring and learning new or rather relevant skills that one needs to bag a job. TheRead more "Upskilling Is The Way To Enhance Your Employability"
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